• Want to make your company the best it can be, but feel stuck at your current level?
  • Want to understand your current financial story, but can’t afford a full-time accountant or financial analyst?
  • Over struggling to decipher financial statements to understand your current financial story?
  • Desire a clear, concise way to understand financials as well as how to meet your current and future financial goals?
I can help you with all of these issues with my expert 1-on-1 guidance and support!


Here’s a glimpse of what you get with this program:

I’ll work with you to give you the basic tools that most mid-size and large companies use to review their current financial story every day.

Mid-size and large companies hire accountants, financial analysts, and CFO’s to help determine their company’s current financial situation to make sure it is running as it should.  For a small business owner, the costs of these positions, while important, are usually cost prohibitive. I’ve created this program to give you the basic tools larger companies use daily, weekly, and monthly to check that their companies are running as expected, and if not, what to do to fix it quickly!

This mentorship will break down your basic financial statements so that you understand your current financial story.  We will then create KPI’s and other reports that you can use to keep your company running efficiently.  We will work one-on-one so that you understand what information you should be looking at monthly as well as why you should be looking at this information as well as what improvements can be made to move your business further.

What’s Included:

  • Nine (9) custom-tailored, one on one sessions – held online over a 3-month period
  • Monthly review of your business’ current financial story including a monthly presentation deck that goes beyond the ordinary P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Creation of KPI’s (Key Productivity Indicators) specific to your industry to help you review your business daily, weekly, and monthly
Our One on One calls are going to give you the tools, support and accountability you need to grow your business!


Your Investment in Yourself & Your Business:

$1,500 USD

2 spots are available at this investment before it increases to $2,000 USD.


Click this link to be directed immediately to my calendar to book your complimentary call to discuss this opportunity! 

When you book your call, please choose the earliest possible time/date you are available to secure a spot in the mentorship before the investment increases.




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